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Alcohol is a legally controlled substance which can make it difficult to determine the difference between a casual drinker and someone with an alcohol addiction (alcoholism). A person does not have to consume alcohol on a daily basis for addiction to be present.  In fact, many people turn to binge drinking which can be a sign of alcoholism. Additionally, many professionals with alcohol addictions have the ability to be a high-functioning even under the influence of alcohol. This can cause it to take longer for the consequences of excessive drinking to appear.  

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Sign you might have an alcohol addiction:

Many of the consequences  of alcoholism are health related–hangovers, withdrawals, and even disease. Other common consequences are DUI and car accidents caused while under the influence of alcohol.

Wanting to stop but not being able to

Developing a high tolerance for alcohol

Financial problems related to drinking alcohol

Frequently drinking more alcohol than intended

Neglecting personal and professional responsibilities

Experiencing withdrawal symptoms  when not drinking (e.g., sweating, shaky hands, nausea, headache, insomnia, anxiety)

Aspire to be Great

We know that during the darkest spots of most addictions, you may lose the drive and desire to be what you have always aspired to be. We are committed to leading you back to the dreams that you once had and to helping create a path to achieve them.

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Hear From Our Previous Clients

You guys gave me a shot at recovery when no one else would. The team taught me how to rebuild a successful, fulfilling life in recovery. For that I am forever grateful.

Jonathan L., Atlanta, GA

What makes Aspire different is the staff truly cares about you. A lot of other places I’ve been to focus on the business, not the clients. Aspire’s main focus is the clients. It was the perfect balance between fun in recovery and structure. I would recommend Aspire to any who is truly seeking help.

Devran K., Atlanta, GA

Our Values

We know that a key component to your successful recovery will be the relationship that is established between us and you.  As a result, we promise to be  authentic so you can get to know and trust us. Therefore, we have outlined our values which are at our core and guide our decision making on a daily basis.


Most people likely believe the opposite of addiction is sobriety. While there is significant merit in that statement, we believe the opposite of addiction is connection. Many individuals in our program have developed a connection to a chosen substance;  our goal is to rewire that thinking to instead build connections with others who are overcoming addiction as well, giving you another layer of camaraderie, accountability and support.

Open Mindedness

When you arrive at Aspire, we will welcome you knowing that you are uniquely you.  No other person at Aspire will have your same life experiences. Additionally, we know that you may be feeling shame due to repercussions of substance abuse. As a result, we will remain open-minded to your unique situation and will embrace your individuality and lean into you as you become the best version of yourself.

Tailor-Made Treatment

We understand that there are many similarities and differences between people who are dealing with addiction. That is why when you walk through our door, you will receive an individualized treatment plan catering to your specific needs. We believe this will give you the optimal path toward recovery.


Many of our staff have personal experience with overcoming addiction while others have a beautiful talent for empathizing with others. Through our talented staff, we will be able to connect with you, which is an essential component in building trust between us.

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Understanding addiction isn’t easy.

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