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Restoring Relationships

Real Success Story

"Aspire Treatment Solutions has been the only treatment center my son has gone to where I've literally seen REAL RESULTS!!! He has been to over 15 facilities and I was seriously losing hope that he would ever change. Since he entered Aspire everything changed. For the first time in a long time my son was calling me (sometimes several times a day) and we could have a conversation that was enjoyable and not the usual hang up on him after 2 minutes.

I honestly can't begin to tell you how amazing Aspire Treatment Solutions has been to my son and to me. I could never repay them for giving me my son back."

-Kerri K.

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"I’ve been to several places trying to get myself together, I needed a place that made me feel comfortable and allowed me some freedom but also meant business. This place specializes in addiction and not all the extra so I fit right in, top notch living and cool clinical team. They put me on a path that not only kept me sober but let me have fun. Love this place, stop playing and call uncle cam. You won’t regret it!"

- Gabriel Richardson

"Top notch amenities and programming! One of the best Outpatient programs in the state hands down. Aspire has a beautiful way of incorporating structure and accountability as well as love and support so that their patients feel comfortable yet are pushed to excel their lives while battling addiction. Highly recommend this program to anyone struggling and looking for the next step in the recovery process!"

- Joshua James

Stages of Addiction Treatment

Navigating through addiction and watching a loved one spiral out of control from drugs & alcohol can be overwhelming. Give us a call and we can help, even if we aren't the best fit for your situation.

Call and find hope today - 770.405.9113


Choosing Quality Treatment

We know that quality care is vital to recovery and we understand that the care one receives has to align with the needs of the addict. Choosing a treatment center is a tough decision. Read real reviews from past clients, learn about the different treatments and therapies offered, and understand what sets Aspire Treatment Solutions apart from other drug centers.

We think that you'll agree that we're a good choice to help your loved one overcome their addiction.


Medical Detox

Detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be a challenging situation. At Aspire Treatment Solutions, our clinical staff safely manages withdrawal symptoms as a first step in our addiction treatment.

Our medical detox treatment is tailored to meet your loved ones needs so they can safely overcome their dependence.


Inpatient Program (IP)

Addiction is a life changing event. It has altered how your loved one sees and lives their life. Our Inpatient Program is designed to help your loved one break the habits and behaviors they've learned while addicted to drugs or alcohol and get back to living a healthy lifestyle. Those in this program benefit from 24-hour monitoring and medical assistance as they begin their path to a drug-free life.


Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

This program is a step down from the Inpatient Program. Your loved one will benefit from this structured program that gives them the services, therapies, and treatments they need without 24-hour monitoring. A big step in their recovery process, our PHP is a proven and effective program to treat drug addiction.


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Those who have walked the path of recovery say that it is the Intensive Outpatient Program that is the stepping stone to a lifetime of living drug-free. Offering more freedom to the client, the IOP keeps your loved in the therapies and treatments they need to equip them for a healthy lifestyle, while keeping them accountable to themselves.


Community & Aftercare

Building a community of like minded individuals that will support and hold an addict accountable is vital to recovery. We offer options that include support groups like AA and Celebrate Recovery, as well as recovery housing. These optional recovery tools help to create lasting positive relationships that are vital to sustaining sobriety from alcohol and drugs. At Aspire Treatment Solutions, we recommend aftercare resources during outpatient treatment and upon completion of a program. 

Proven Treatment for Lasting Recovery

We have carefully crafted and developed many addiction treatment programs to support you on your recovery journey. It is possible to live a life without addiction, and our Atlanta drug rehab center staff can be your guide in helping you do just that. Our treatments and therapies will help build a strong foundation for your recovery and end the cycle of addiction.

Treatment and therapies are tailored to your loved ones specific needs. They will receive group and individual therapy, counseling, medical care, and a healthy lifestyle, including balanced meals. Below are some of the sessions that your loved one may be involved in.

Our ADVENTURE-BASED THERAPIES provide an opportunity for your loved one to deal with challenging situations and overcome them either individually or by relying on someone around them. These experiences create “natural highs” and spark a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Experiential activities often improve self-esteem, decrease anxiety and remind people of the fun that can be had without the dependency on alcohol or drugs.

Through making HEALTH AND WELLNESS a priority in recovery, energy levels rise, stress lowers, and moods are boosted. Both exercise and relaxation are extremely beneficial tools on the journey to recovery. We believe that reclaiming their life and making positive choices for their body is an essential part of building a new life.

COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY (CBT) is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that helps patients understand the thoughts and feelings that influence their behaviors.  CBT reframes negative cognitions into more helpful ways of thinking. This change in thought can lead to development of new behaviors, improved mental health, and, ultimately, lifelong recovery from addiction.

TRAUMA INTERVENTION is an informed care intervention that helps people process thoughts and feelings related to traumatic life events. Your loved one will learn how to manage and resolve distressing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Trauma Intervention allows them to live in the present, limiting the impact of trauma in their past.

We believe that creating a COMMUNITY that connects people who are overcoming addiction is one of the most important keys to success. We are intentional about assisting each individual in connecting with local groups and people to create strong bonds of support that lead to lasting sobriety.

Your loved one will receive a TAILOR-MADE TREATMENT PLAN when they walk through our door. We understand that there are many similarities and differences between people who are dealing with addiction. We believe a customized treatment plan gives each individual the optimal path toward recovery.


We know that choosing a drug and alcohol treatment center isn't an easy choice. There are many decisions to be made and we want you to know that you are not in this alone. Browse our FAQ to find clarity.

Am I enabling my loved one? How can I know?

If you are a loved one and wondering these things, you are not in this alone. In fact, you are in a very familiar place to anyone who has loved someone battling addiction.

At Aspire Treatment Solutions, we understand that the addict has typically created a reckless environment that leaves their loved ones to pick up the broken pieces. When this happens, do you brush it off and have thoughts such as, “It’s not that bad.” or “He is going to change really soon.” This is called denial and typically shields you from the reality, which is a breeding ground for enablement.

Do your staff members have personal experience overcoming addiction?

The Aspire team is made up of a diverse group of professionals from a variety of backgrounds. We are proud to have employees in recovery as well as employees who choose to work in this field due to the impact of addiction on their families’ lives.

Additionally, Aspire has top-notch professionals who are passionate about watching people overcome struggles that have burdened them for so long.

How do I know which program is best for my loved ones situation?

Let us figure that out.  We will work with your loved one to determine what is best for them. Each treatment plan we create is completely unique to the needs and situation of the individual.

We offer a tailor-made treatment plan that will best support their needs and accommodate their work, school, and family responsibilities. Prior to starting with us at Aspire, we will create a personalized treatment plan and continually monitor it as they progress through our offered programs.

What if my loved one is not ready for treatment but needs it?

Watching addiction take control of a loved one’s life is one of the most difficult situations to witness. We would love to have a non-intrusive conversation with your loved one to see if we can help. It is difficult to watch loved ones hurt themselves via addiction.  We understand this and, as a result, have a big heart for family members who never give up on their child, spouse, parent or sibling.  Contact us.  We can help.

We Accept Most Major Insurances

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