How Substance Abuse and Addiction Can Destroy Families

Posted on 09/04/2020

Prolonged use of different substances, like alcohol and drugs, is known to cause a variety of health issues. These issues do nothing more than hurt a person's well-being, including their physical and spiritual state. However, the damage does not just end with the substance abuser. It can also destroy the people around them, especially their family and loved ones, in so many ways.


In this article, we will outline some of the ways substance abuse can affect families and individual members.


The children


Of all the different family members in the household, the children are the most affected. Growing up with a parent who is an alcoholic or a drug addict can cause emotional and mental issues, from loneliness and guilt to anxiety and depression. What makes it truly damaging to the children is that they grow up with these negative emotions, most of which are carried throughout their life.


That being said, children can also be physically affected. For instance, a pregnant mother abusing drugs can cause their unborn child to develop abnormally, or an abusive alcoholic parent may hurt the children in so many ways.


In other cases, the lack of finances due to money going to expensive drugs and alcohol can lead to children not receiving the education they need nor the food they require to grow properly. In a sense, drug addiction hurts every aspect of the child and leads to long-term damage that may never fully heal.


The significant other


Those who marry an addict usually find out about the problem only later on in the relationship. Such a scenario will cause the marriage to deteriorate and ruin the hopes of reconciliation. As a result, it can lead to divorce. If that does not happen, the partner will likely have to take on a lot more responsibilities in the household, such as caring for the kids and earning enough income.


In situations where both parents have a drug addiction, life may continue as usual. However, the environment within such a household is not one of happiness, joy, and care. Instead, it is fueled by hate and toxicity. Either way, such an environment does not foster healthy relationships as, in most cases, both the abusers will rather focus on their drug satisfaction than nurture the relationship.


Nevertheless, such a home is not a place for children or anyone else for that matter. Drug addiction only causes hurt, and it is highly encouraged that the sober partner does their best to find help for their loved one.




Substance abuse, whether with drugs or alcohol, is never a good thing. It hurts the unfortunate individual, and more importantly, the family, friends, and other close people around them.


If you have a family member who suffers from addiction, you must do your best to find professional help. While the journey to recovery is not easy, snapping out of addiction might bring your family back to the way things once were, giving your loved one a chance to change for the better.


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