Our Mission & Vision

OUR MISSION is about connection: breaking the connection to addiction and creating new, positive connections that will ensure a successful recovery and, ultimately, provide you with the power and confidence needed to live your best life.

OUR VISION is to build a foundation for long-term recovery for all who enter our program. We will build a path to sobriety through a comprehensive treatment plan including group therapy, personal accountability, life-skills training, and continued support.  We take pride in dedicating time to each person in our program to create an individualized, realistic and goal-oriented treatment plan, the aim of which is to provide the most effective path toward regaining governance over all areas of life.

Our Beliefs

WE BELIEVE that everyone’s journey to recovery is unique. That is why we will create a tailor-made treatment plan that is based on your personal life experiences and needs. We will provide an assortment of treatments that align with your unique situation to create the most effective path for a successful, lifelong recovery.

WE BELIEVE that connection is our highest ranking value at Aspire Treatment Solutions. You are likely similar to everyone else who has walked through our doors in that you have developed a connection to your substance of choice. Our goal is to rewire that connection into a more positive one that will lead you toward recovery.  At Aspire, we will also help you build connections with others who are overcoming addiction, giving you another layer of camaraderie, accountability and support.

WE BELIEVE that creating an effective aftercare plan is vital to your continued success when you move on to fully independent living. Therefore, we will create a personalized plan to provide the most effective and optimal support while you acclimate to your new life. All the while, you will still be encouraged by your recovery community.

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Our Values


Most people likely believe the opposite of addiction is sobriety. While there is significant merit in that statement, we believe the opposite of addiction is connection. Many individuals in our program have developed a connection to a chosen substance;  our goal is to rewire that thinking to instead build connections with others who are overcoming addiction as well, giving you another layer of camaraderie, accountability and support.

Open Mindedness

When you arrive at our Atlanta drug rehab center, we will welcome you knowing that you are uniquely you.  No other person at Aspire will have your same life experiences. Additionally, we know that you may be feeling shame due to the repercussions of substance abuse. As a result, we will remain open-minded to your unique situation and will embrace your individuality and lean into you as you become the best version of yourself.

Tailor-Made Drug Treatment Plans

We understand that there are many similarities and differences between people who are dealing with addiction. That is why when you walk through our door, you will receive an individualized treatment plan catering to your specific needs. Whether you need an alcohol rehab or drug treatment plan, we believe this will give you the optimal path toward recovery.


Many of our staff have personal experience with overcoming addiction while others have a beautiful talent for empathizing with others. Through our talented staff, we will be able to connect with you, which is an essential component in building trust between us.

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