3 Helpful Ways to Prevent Drug Relapse During COVID-19

Posted on 09/11/2020

The coronavirus outbreak urged everyone to self-isolate to minimize the risk of virus exposure and transmission, leaving many to be cooped up inside their homes for months. This is especially challenging for those who are battling drug relapse.


If you are trying to maintain control of your addictive behavior, this time of uncertainty can put you through a true test of your willpower. More effort needs to be taken because self-isolation can create different temptations that may distract you from remaining sober. To help you prevent drug relapse during the pandemic, read and follow the ways below:



  • Reach out to your friends and loved ones



The social distancing guidelines can mean you are spending time away with your friends, family, and others whom you trust. While the lack of face-to-face interaction can be frustrating, there are various ways to stay in contact with your strong support system thanks to technology. You can take advantage of video conferencing apps, social media websites, and other digital platforms to have virtual “face-to-face” conversations. A simple phone call or text message will also do to help you be in touch with the people in your support circle. 



  • Stick to a routine



In this uncertain time, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed due to lots of stressful information that can cause panic, fear, and anxiety. Establishing a daily routine provides your day with structure, which can give you a sense of purpose and can be helpful as you are working through your process of drug recovery. 


Start simple. Some tasks you may consider incorporating into your new daily routine are those that you have full control over and can give you an immediate sense of power and accomplishment, such as making your bed every morning, eating your breakfast, working out, and walking your dog. These activities can be helpful enough for you to remain sober and give you direction.



  • Maintain a healthy diet and exercise



Caring for your overall health can be challenging while self-isolating since many gyms and fitness centers are closed and boredom can lead you to munch on snacks every once in a while. To fuel a healthy mindset to remain sober and have a strong body that can fight off illness, maintain a healthy, balanced diet, and exercise regularly. 


Boost your immune system by adding foods to your diet packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs, such as fruit, vegetables, eggs, shellfish, and cashews. To reduce your stress and anxiety, consume fatty fish that are rich in magnesium and Omega-2 fatty acids.


On the other hand, regular exercise can help you give an overall happier sense of life as it releases good chemicals in your brain called endorphins. Explore exercises that you enjoy and can do right at the comfort of your home. This strengthens your immune system, improves your quality of sleep, and prevents weight gain.




Staying sober can be tough, especially during this troubling time. By finding ways to cope with the anxiety and following the tips mentioned above, you can overcome temptations and prevent drug relapse successfully.


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